Valentina Calandriello

Graduated in the “Meisner Technical Program” (Javier Galitò Cava, NY) and the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (London). He is a theatrical trainer and master of arms (bare-hand combat, foil, saber, two-handed sword, sword and brocchiere, dagger and stick). He currently works with several theater companies in Italy, Spain and Germany and teaches in various European schools such as: “La Bobina”, “El Timbal”, “Meisner Technical Program”, “Tatwerk”, “Silviod” Academy of Dramatic Art Friend “and in the European art school of the actor” Before the theater “.

For several years he collaborated with Francesco Manetti in various workshops and for the creation of combat choreographies in theatrical performances (Teatro di Roma, Teatro del Veneto, Teatro stabile of Umbria). As director he directs: “Insideout” (Sala Sinestesia – Bcn), “Cuerda” (Estela Adler Theater – Los Angeles), “Las criadas” (Talavera de la Reina Festival), “La Estuardo” (Nau Ivanow – Bcn), “Mochila de plomo” (Bailen Microteatro – Bcn), “A coup de Nez” (Teatro Argentina – Rome), “Quien teme a Pepe Perez” (Cotxeres Borrell – Bcn), “Alittle table in the corner” Tournée (Catalunya) .

STUDY: Meisner theatrical and technical pedagogy with Javier Galitò Cava; Fencing and scenic combat with Jonathan Waller and Kristina Soeborg. Vew Point with Graham Smith; Postural gymnastics with Giuseppe Ravì; Contemporary dance and contact technique with Sebastian Werwerek, Michela Lucenti and Frey Faust. Actrobatica with Nicole Kehrberger. Voice with Kristine Linklater and Susan Main