• From...To...

    21 giugno – 22 giugno 2018

  • Place

    Scuola Renaldini – Sirolo

  • Teacher

    Mico Pugliares

  • Available places

    16 allievi

Please bring comfortable clothing and no showy shirts.

Theatre improv workshop

Theatre improv workshop, basic module, is aimed at those who have no experience but also for those who have recently practiced this art.

The advanced module is aimed at those who already have experience and who want to broaden their skills.

Basic module – FREE STYLE –

Free improvisations for aware improvisers

How to tell stories having only one word …

The focus of this approach is dictated by the idea that theatre improvisation is intended as a continuous flow of a coherent creative process in which the reactions are not obvious but must be connected. The theatre improvisation then, in my opinion, first we must know it as a free improv and then we can eventually box it in structural mechanisms.

In particular we will work on some fundamental aspects of free improvisation and how they are necessary for the staging. We will start from the exploration of the great opportunities that free improvisation gives us and of how, if managed with awareness, they are the basis for the free expression of the mechanism of action and reaction. In particular we will address:

– Idea of spontaneous play: it is improvisation that guides us and shows us its rules

– The rhythm of the scenes

– Use of the error

– Difference between homogeneous and non-homogeneous improvisations

Advanced module – Intention, silence and breaks –

My heart is bigger than my mouth

Seeing scenes of improvisation without stage awareness is sometimes frustrating, as if the fact of existing in a theater stage is of little importance.

The approach of this work is to make the text theater experience available to improvised scenes, and this is why we will focus on the importance of the intention, the awareness of the character and the concept that the text is a consequence. The approach is to discover the text of the scene and not look for words because it does not matter so much what you say but how you say it and to do this we must live the scene as a story to be continued and not as a brand new to be completely invented.

The discovery will start from non-verbal communication, pauses and silences that are fundamental and indispensable tools to transmit truth and credibility to a scene or a character and as dramaturgical tools for an effective scenic writing. We will work on intentions before meeting words, expressive silences, pauses as a fundamental part of acting and on proxemics in general. In particular, we will focus on:

• intention as the heart of the text line

• silences as dramaturgical and directorial help to make a scene grow

Mico Pugliares

Domenico Mico Pugliares graduated in Political Science in 1992 and after having been a musician for more than ten years, he decided to dedicate himself to the Theater. He starts studying at the “Teatribù” Improvisation school in Milan and at the end of the three years he becomes a teacher and an actor. He studied at the Teatro della Cooperativa in Milan with Renato Sarti and with, among others, Emma Dante, Alessandra Faiella. He continued his training in improvisation with Randy Dixon, Charles Castillo, Omar Galvan, Kevin John Gillese, Amber Nash, Stephen Sim, Jill Bernard, Rama Nicholas and David Razowsky. He participated as an actor in various productions of the Teatro della Cooperativa of Milan and was also directed by Renato Sarti, Franco Pero and Marco Di Stefano. He writes, directs and interprets various monologues for the Teatro della Cooperativa of Milan and is the author of “Il Pantano” on stage at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan. Participate in the film “The Company” by F. Favarolo, the video clip of the Blue Beaters “Mexico and clouds” and some advertising campaigns. He has acted in numerous theaters including the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, the Teatro Valle di Roma, the Teatro Due di Parma, the Teatro Stabile Duse in Genoa, he has participated in the Mittelfest in Friuli, at the International Storytelling Festival in Arzo in Switzerland. He has participated as a teacher and actor at various international festivals including Wurzsburg, Istanbul, Atlanta, Yverdon in Switzerland, Turin, Naples, Slapdash in London, Amsterdam, Dublin, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, from Aalborg, Upssala, Tampere, to the NOW of Brest, he taught ImprovBoston and … to others he will participate.