• From...To...

    21 giugno – 23 giugno 2018

  • Place

    Scuola Renaldini – Sirolo

  • Teacher

    Dario Cassini

  • Available Places

    due classi da 16 allievi

Please bring comfortable clothing and no showy shirts.

The Comic Monologue Workshop

Dario Cassini is an actor, a comedian and a writer. For about 15 years he started teaching comedian acting techniques around Italy. Everything he has learned with his great masters (for the drama Cobelli, Ronconi and Castri, for the comedy Monicelli, Magni and Brizzi) is now available to his many students. His television experience of the three Italian TV cult shows ZELIG CIRCUS, LE IENE and COLORADO added to thirty years and 25 shows written and replicated throughout Italy make his workshop an opportunity not to be missed at SIAMA.


The disciplines we will deal with this summer in Sirolo are:

Pre – performance relaxation technique
Techniques of body cognition in the scenic space
Writing and interpretation of the comic monologue
Comic times

Dario Cassini

Born and raised at Vomero, Dario Cassini discovered his passion for the stage only after leaving Naples. In Rome he studied acting and graduated from the La Scala Theater Academy. The solid classical education sees him debut in theatrical genres that are anything but comic: he plays in the “Edoardo II” directed by Cobelli and in “The boys of the street Pal” directed by Reim. Then he arrives on TV and, thanks to “Fantastico”, releases his comic talent. He has experience in TV, fiction and cinema: Mario Monicelli wants him alongside Margherita Buy and Philippe Noiret in “Facciamo Paradiso”, Luigi Magni chooses him for “In the name of the sovereign people”.

E ‘in the cast of “Bagnomaria” of and with Giorgio Panariello and “Ex” by Fausto Brizzi but also engages in the genre cinema with “Cemento Armato” by Marco Martani and in the independent one with “Cuba Libre – Velocipedi in the tropics” of David Riondino. In 2011 he works with Paola Cortellesi and Raoul Bova in the film “Nessuno mi può giudicare” directed by Massimiliano Bruno. He also recites in some fictions, including “The desire to win”, “Don Bosco” “Without End” and “Camilla, Parlami d’amore” and participates in the historical series of RaiDue “I ragazzi del muretto III”.

It is in 1997 that Dario Cassini finds his consecration, when he leads the innovative program of Italia 1 “Le Iene” with Simona Ventura and Peppe Quintale. From there, his sharp comic vein takes over and begins to make cabaret, first at the theater and then on TV, becoming part of the cast of “Zelig” presented by the Bisio-Hunziker couple, then in that of “Zelig Off” in the seasons 2003-2004. The following year he reached the prestigious stage of “Zelig Circus” broadcast on Canale5 and conducted by Claudio Bisio and Vanessa Incontrada.

Starting in 2007, he participated for several seasons in the comic transmission “Colorado Cafè” of Italia 1.

In 2011 he was the star of “Stalk Radio”, a television program by Sky Uno conceived by Cassini himself, a talk show that contaminates the small screen with the Radio and the Internet, touching themes ranging from current events to feelings and transgressions to stories of life more exciting or controversial.

During his career he does not miss the radio: on Radio2 he conducts his own program entitled “Bastardo dentro, to the face of women”, followed by “A perdifiato, menodimezzora” and “Clandestino”; currently, on Radio Kiss Kiss is on air every day with “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” Compared to the cabaret shows, her invectives against the fair sex begin with “Sex written, oral sex”, followed by “Women du – du – du “(2001-2002),” Except my mother and my sister “(2001-2002),” Except my mother and my sister 2 – no no I’ll call you “(2003),” Bastardo dentro “(2004),” Il scent of the wild male “(2005),” The triangle in the Bermuda “(2006-2007),” In case of love … run away! ” (2008), “The world is a woman … swine world!” (2008-2009), “Men who oil the grandmothers” (2010), “Sparrow You Can Go Away” (2011).

Many of his shows have become successful books, for Mondadori he publishes the best seller “Except my mother and my sister”, “It’s twenty years I’m twenty” and, more recently, “In case of love runs away” .