• From...To...

    21 giugno – 23 giugno 2018

  • Place

    Palestra Scuola Renaldini – Sirolo

  • Teacher

    Javier Cura

  • Available Places

    20 allievi

This workshop is open to people of all experiences, interested in the process of physical creation as a path of knowledge, healing, communication and personal enrichment.

Thursday 21st June14:50 – 16:5017:10 – 19:10
Friday 22nd June15:00 – 17:0017:20 – 19:20
Saturday 23rd June12:40 -14:4015:00 – 17:00

Contact Improvisation

The contact improvisation (CI) is a dance practice in which the physical contact points, between at least two dancers, become the starting point of an exploration made of improvised movements.

Beyond the simple points of physical contact, the global contact (auditory, kinetic, perceptive / energetic and even emotional) of the dancer with his partners and with what is around (the ground, the space, the gravity, etc.).

Priority is given to listening and trust between the partners: contacts must be made fluently, the dancers must be available to the movements of the partners and these must adapt their movements and reciprocal movements.

From sedentary to animal mobility.

Our evolutionary past has left us a body that feeds on movement. This need is so essential for our life as food and oxygen. The lectures will give the opportunity to move from a context that tends to inertia to arrive at an instinctive and integral mobility.


We will incorporate movements that are essential for our body (squatting, hanging, pushing, lifting and loading weights, as well as walking, running, jumping, changing levels, etc.), and then integrating them with contact improvisation and expressive movement. This open combination is not limited to a given style and gives a freedom of movement that expands our possibilities for expression and creation.

It also offers the opportunity to deepen our understanding of our bodies, our physical relationship with the society in which we live, and nature.

Javier Cura

He is an Argentine-American multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. After completing a Masters in Modern Literature at the University of Buenos Aires, he devoted himself to the figurative arts, creating several exhibitions of objects and sculptures. He continued to develop his shadow theater company, and since then he has performed, directed and created dance and theater shows on numerous continents.

He has taught physical theater, contact tango and international contact improvisation, including the Fabrik Potsdam Dance Theater festival, Freiburg Contact Festival, and Phantastango Tango Festival, in Germany; the ZIP Contact Impro Festival, in Italy, the Alchemie Tango Festival in Prague, and the West Coast Contact Impro Festival in San Francisco (United States).

His latest work, which mixes tango and contact in a context of physical theater, was presented at the Dance Theater “Farma Festival” in Prague. He also collaborated in a research on expression in the Contact Improvisation at the Berlin Free.