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    21 giugno – 23 giugno 2018

  • Place

    Palestra Scuola Renaldini – Sirolo

  • Teacher

    Valentina Calandriello

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    16 allievi

“It is worth more than a gram of behavior that a pound of words”

Meisner technique

The target is to create the conditions that allow the actors to work effectively on acting, reacting to certain impulses and trying to develop the “sense of truth” on every occasion.

The technique of Sanford Meisner and in general the methodology of the “Theater Group” had (and has) the objective of creating the conditions for working on acting in a fair, loyal way, without tricks or found, reacting to impulses and developing the sense of true in every scenic moment. The work of Meisner and the other pedagogues of the group (Kazan, Strasberg, Lewis, S. Adler, L. Adler, B. Lewis, H. Clurman) wants to reunite the actor to his emotional impulses and lead him to a work rooted in his more intimate and instinctive part. That part linked not to the mind but to the heart. “In addition, the Sanford Meisner technique gives an impressive listening and action-reaction training, and a solid training to tackle and support the work on the texts with creativity.”


This technique is based on a principle according to which the basis of a good interpretation lies in the reality of doing, the actor finds his deepest expression in behavior, in his authentic reaction to external circumstances and to others.
Acting means listening carefully and reacting in a genuine, true way. In other words, to truly live in imaginary circumstances. For this reason, this method favors access to the real impulses and emotions that the actor lives in the moment: “instinct does not think, instinct reacts”. This technique is applied in improvisation, in the interpretation of a text and in the specific creation of the character.

The work is divided into:

We will work fundamentally on the practice of repetition, which is the basis of the technique, and on the stage relationship that can also be applied to theatrical improvisation.

Valentina Calandriello

Graduated in the “Meisner Technical Program” (Javier Galitò Cava, NY) and the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (London). He is a theatrical trainer and master of arms (bare-hand combat, foil, saber, two-handed sword, sword and brocchiere, dagger and stick). He currently works with several theater companies in Italy, Spain and Germany and teaches in various European schools such as: “La Bobina”, “El Timbal”, “Meisner Technical Program”, “Tatwerk”, “Silviod” Academy of Dramatic Art Friend “and in the European art school of the actor” Before the theater “.

For several years he collaborated with Francesco Manetti in various workshops and for the creation of combat choreographies in theatrical performances (Teatro di Roma, Teatro del Veneto, Teatro stabile of Umbria). As director he directs: “Insideout” (Sala Sinestesia – Bcn), “Cuerda” (Estela Adler Theater – Los Angeles), “Las criadas” (Talavera de la Reina Festival), “La Estuardo” (Nau Ivanow – Bcn), “Mochila de plomo” (Bailen Microteatro – Bcn), “A coup de Nez” (Teatro Argentina – Rome), “Quien teme a Pepe Perez” (Cotxeres Borrell – Bcn), “Alittle table in the corner” Tournée (Catalunya) .

STUDY: Meisner theatrical and technical pedagogy with Javier Galitò Cava; Fencing and scenic combat with Jonathan Waller and Kristina Soeborg. Vew Point with Graham Smith; Postural gymnastics with Giuseppe Ravì; Contemporary dance and contact technique with Sebastian Werwerek, Michela Lucenti and Frey Faust. Actrobatica with Nicole Kehrberger. Voice with Kristine Linklater and Susan Main.